Zobacz Koszyk


Fryderyk Chopin for guitar


Accordion and …

Painted with the Sound

Ilość sztuk:
This enterprising Polish publishing house has come up with a fabulous set of pieces here by a composer who deserves to be better known than he is. This well procuced book has plenty of blues, ragtime, Latin American and various other styles of music within its covers, all written by Drozdzowski and the greater majority of them being really interesting and well worth playing. There are no hackneyed chord sequences here, no boring 'going through the motions' either. for there are numerous gems here. Nothing is really incredibly easy but somewhat easy to moderately advanced in my humble opinion and is subdivided into four sections of ten each, gradually getting harded as the book progresses. There are plenty of pieces with syncopated rhythms and other musical tools that would really help to bring along someone's sight-reading, which is just one of the many uses this book might have. (...) Chris Dumigan Classical, Guitar Magazine (01.2010)
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