Zobacz Koszyk


Fryderyk Chopin for guitar


Accordion and …


Ilość sztuk:
…(…)This collection of 14 pieces are all firmly placed at the advanced players among you and are an excellent companion volume to the 40 pieces that made up "Painted with the Sound" which was aimed at the less advanced players. The musical styles are many and varied and range from contemporary (friendly yet modern harmonies) as evidenced by the title piece, to popular (the Clever Man, and The Last Dance Like That, to Latin - styled works such as Bossa for My Friends, Waltz No5, and Choro to ancient music, e.g. Fantasia in the Old Style, to purely classical, most notably in Theme with Variations and Coda in the Classical Style. All of these pieces have a certain polish about them that sets them apart many other publications I have come across and many of them would work really well in recitals. If this composer's two books I have come across are typical of his output (and having seen 54 pieces, I have no doubt that they are) then he is a real find. His works are intelligently written, often surprising in their details and subtleties, and never less than really good, indeed with some of them simply out-standing. Search them both out and do yourself a favour. You won't regred it. Chris Dumigan, Classical Guitar Magazine (10.2009)
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