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There are many good things in favour of this new publication not least of which is the attractive front cover which features a condor soaring over a guitar shaped collage of highly colorful South American images. Inside there are 31 arrangements of tradidional and contemporary pieces taken from ten different Latin American countries: these compositions vary from celebrated melodies (tico Tico, La Bamba, El Condor Pasa, El Choclo) to less familiar ones, this letter list being in the majority of the programme. Another pleasing aspect to the book's presentation is that as each new musical 'chapter' arriver, there is an illustration of that particular country in South America, plus some brief details such as the population, official language, currency, area in square kilometers and the capital: a nice touch that. With the exception of just a tiny handful of pieces, this is entertaining, melodic and delighful music, illustrating well the various rhythms which one encounters from this region of the world. Mariola Adamiak has done a good job in her adaptations for the guitar and congratulations to Polish guitarist, Michal Daniel Bak who performs all the items to a satisfactory standard on the accompanying disc. There are also quite a few black-and-white/greyish photographs scattered throughout the album to add extra interest. The music is presented in notation and tablature, and many of the pieces have chord sequences included to enable the music to be accompanied. (...) Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine (01.2010)
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