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Fryderyk Chopin for guitar


In the garden of dreams - selected waltzes for guitar

In a garden of dreams

Ilość sztuk:
With obvious influences ranging from Barrios, VillaLobos and Lauro through to Arcaz, Tarrega, Koshkin and Chopin, this album of 27 romantic waltzes is a stunner. Full of elegant and attractive melodies there doesn't seem to be one low point in the whole collection, these pieces finding Polish guitarist-composer Miroslaw Drozdzowski at his lylical best. One could be forgiven for thinking that a collection of waltzes as large as this by the same composer could be a repetititve, humdrum experience but Drozdzowski shows that he can take the waltz form and make much of it. A well as the 'traditional' conception of his style, included in the contents are one written in an etude fashion, ones suggestive of the South American Vals form, and even one in a moody, late-night jazz-blues manner ala Miles Davis.(...) I found much to admire in this new release, not least of which is the high quality playing on the accompanying CD which has 14 of the 27 waltzes on it and features an excellent perfomance by Marek Mikulski who does full justice to these wonderful works. A surprisingly good new edition which I can thoroughly recommend to players of grade 6 upwards. Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine
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