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The USA Guitar

The USA Guitar

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Arrangement: Mirosław Drożdżowski. Grzegorz Krawiec's interpretation on the CD. It is the second (the first was „La Guitarra Latina”), collection from „The Guitar's World” series. The compositions are presented chronologically in ten chapters (Country, S. Foster, Gospel, Blues, S. Joplin. G. Gershwin, Boogie-Woogie, G. Miller, E. Presley, the USA Anthem) and they perfectly illustrate the development of American music throughout the 19th and the 20th century. Although it is a set of compositions that we all know, thanks the Mirosław Drożdżowski's arrangement and Grzegorz Krawiec's original interpretation they are shown in a completely new light. Thus, you will find here exuberant pieces in gospel or blues style as well as nostalgic country or Presley's songs. Thanks to this book you will discover America once again! 80 pp. A4. Language version: Polish, English.
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