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Broken Wing - guitar transcriptions


Two-Handed Tapping Guitar-Worksho

Moderato Poetico – solo guitar

Ilość sztuk:
Pieces by Mirosław Franczak, composed for solo guitar and included in three cycles: “Serenade Latina” op. 11, “Poetic Miniatures” op. 13 and “Airs for Goodnight” op. 14, were discovered by me while I was studying composer’s scores and listening to a beautiful CD recording by Ewa Jabłczyńska, who has received numerous awards at international competitions. Individual cycles make an unusually successful attempt at presenting musical profile of the composer who is at the same time an outstanding instrumentalist - a graduate of The Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice and the winner of many international performance competitions. I am impressed by the peculiar, reflective climate and by characteristic emotions conveyed by this music, especially the expression achieved by means of melodious, a bit nostalgic cantilena, distinctive rhythm and interesting harmony. The composer makes an interesting attempt at exploring guitar tone by using rarely exploited keys such as G minor, C minor or F major. One may expect that the composer’s further intensive work and determination will result in subsequent pieces enriching Polish musical literature.” – Professor Alina Gruszka. 60 pp A4 plus CD
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