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Fryderyk Chopin for guitar


Accordion and …

Accordion and …

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Arrangement: Galyna and Olexiy Suslov. A unique collection of arrangements that are the result of 30-year experience in working with bands and orchestras. What you will find here are well-known pieces by classical composers like G. Bizet, J. Brahms, P. Tchaikovsky, F. D. Marchetti, as well as popular Polish, Italian and Gypsy tunes. The whole material has been adjusted to performance abilities of musicians on various levels. We hope that the arrangement of compositions according to the increasing number of instruments will make it easier for instrumentalists to get confident in larger and larger bands from a duet to an orchestra of ten musicians. The leading instrument in all the arrangements is the accordion. The second accordion, thanks to its versatility, may also replace many other instruments in case of difficulties with finding the players. 120 pp. A4. Language version: Polish, English.
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